20 December 2011

On Wednesday, December 21st from 8-11am CT The Komodo Dragon Show presents POSTCAGE, the latest from OgreOgress productions.

Their 27th release, POSTCAGE is scheduled to appear on disc in late December or soon after. This 124-minute 96kHz|24bit Audio DVD contains 14 chamber works composed or reworked after John Cage's 1992 death.

Says Komodo Dragon Show host Von Wichert: "Does John Cage cast a shadow? As evidenced by the composers on today's show, the influence of his listening and composing philosophy continues to ripple."

One of the works is a hybrid composition by Robert Moran and Philip Glass and it can be previewed online until December 31st.

In addition to Robert Moran and Philip Glass the project features works by Maria de Alvear [Spain, Germany], Arved Ashby [USA], David Beardsley [USA], Dionysis Boukouvalas [Greece], Marc Chan [Singapore, USA], J.R. Dooley [UK], Jürg Frey [Austria], Walter Horn [USA], David Kotlowy [Australia], Sergio Luque [Mexico, Spain], John Prokop [USA], Sebastián Jatz Rawicz [Chile] and David Toub [USA].

The album can be purchased in advance at Amazon.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 8:30am

-3. Erik Satie: Musique d'ameublement: tenture de cabinet préfectoral (1923)

-2. Erik Satie: Musique d'ameublement: tapisserie en fer forgél (1918)

-1. Erik Satie: Musique d'ameublement: carrelage phonique (1918)

0. Erik Satie: Vexations (1893)

Tracks -3-0
Marius Constant - conductor, Ensemble Ars Nova
Michael Dalberto - piano
Apex, 2564 60239-2

Set #2 - 8:30am - 9:30am

1. Maria de Alvear: Fuerzas (1994)
Christina Fong - violin

2. Arved Ashby: For Morton Feldman (1992)
Christina Fong - violin, Arved Ashby - piano, Glenn Freeman - glockenspiel

3. David Beardsley: November Test Pattern, the ecstasy of electric trees weeping in the twilight including recumbent bright insects and relevant footnotes (2009) for just intonation sine tones
David Beardsley - electronics

4. Dionysis Boukouvalas: Meditation (2010)
Paul Hersey - piano

5. Marc Chan: I Sail’d Out to Sea (2009)
Gwendolyn Faasen, Barbara Witham McCargar & Keith Fredlund - voices, Christina Fong - violin, Michael Kornacki - clarinet, Glenn Freeman - bowed vibraphone

Set #3 - 9:30am - 11:00am

6. J. R. Dooley: for violin and piano (2010)
Christina Fong - violin, Paul Hersey - piano

7. Jürg Frey: Viola, Klavier (1997)
Christina Fong - viola, Paul Hersey - piano

8. Walter Horn: Five Decadal Studies for Dick & Clyde (1972/2010)
Paul Hersey - piano, Christina Fong - viola, Glenn Freeman - vibraphone

9. David Kotlowy: Under Stars (2006) for 2 violins and piano
Christina Fong - violin, Paul Hersey - piano

10. Sergio Luque: My Idea of Fun (2010)
Michael Kornacki - clarinet, Glenn Freeman - percussion, Christina Fong - viola

11. Robert Moran & Philip Glass: Modern Love Waltz (1977/2010) version for 8 keyboards minus piano
David Toub - keyboards

12. John Prokop: for 1 or 7 pianists (1997) for 7 pianists
Paul Hersey - piano

13. Sebastián Jatz Rawicz: 4 Recipes:
IV. Electronic Antimusic
XIV. Antimusic of the Spheres
XXI. Disco Antimusic
XXIX. Merengue Antimusic
Chance Operations Collective of Kalamazoo
(Make your own antimusic at the link above.)

14. David Toub: dharmachakramudra (2010)
Glenn Freeman - vibraphone, Christina Fong - viola, Karen Krummel - cello

Tracks 1-14
OgreOgress productions, 885767 203839

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