17 August 2011

You want to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee from your very own Komodo Dragon Show coffee mug, don't you?

This limited edition, heavy-duty vessel for beverages is available for $10 in Winnipeg, shipping and handling extra for locations farther afield.

And don't forget to tune into 101.5 / www.umfm.com every Wednesday from 8-11am CT for music from the land of the Komodo.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am

*1. Bill Parsons: Kissed (2003)

2. Bali
(A smorgasbord of musical styles from Bali.)

3. Indonesia
(Indonesian angklung orchestra. Angklung = a frame-mounted bamboo rattle.)

Tracks 2-3
Islands of the Indian Ocean Vol.1: Indonesia, Bali & Sri Lanka
Arion, ARN 60485

Set #2 - 9:00am - 10:00am

*4. Andrew P. MacDonald: The Eleusinian Mysteries (1998)
Erica Goodman - harp

*5. Bill Parsons: For There & Then (2003)
Bill Parsons - electric guitar

*6. Ronald Bruce Smith: Rain Cycles (1991)
William Beauvais & Stephen Wingfield - nylon string guitars

*7. Daniel Janke: Main Road (1994)
Daniel Janke - kora

*Tracks 1, 4-7
Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble: Mark Duggan, Graham Hargrove, Paul Houle, Blair Mackay, Bill Parsons, Rick Sacks, Ryan Scott & Andrew Timar
For There & Then
Artifact Music, ART-034
(Works for gamelan plus strings. If you don't know what a gamelan is, look it up here.)

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

8. Jegog: The Rhythmic Power of Bamboo (rec. Bali 1995)
I Nyoman Jayus' Bamboo Ensemble
Music of the Earth: Indonesia
Multicultural Media, MCM3012
(Jegog = gamelan of bamboo instruments.)

Where to buy CDs featured on today's show:
Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble: For There & Then - Canadian Music Centre
Islands of the Indian Ocean Vol.1 - Amazon
Jegog: The Rhythmic Power of Bamboo - Multicultural Media

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