02 March 2011

Oboes, ill winds that no-one – except the masters – blows good. That's demonstrated this Wednesday from 8-11am Central Time on 101.5 in Winnipeg, http://www.umfm.com/listenonline in the stream.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:30am

1. Side A from Gagaku: The Imperial Court Music of Japan
Kyoto Imperial Court Music Orchestra
Lyrichord, LYRCD 7126
(That would be Side A of the original LP release. You've got your sho [mouth organ], hichiriki [double-reed], fue [flute], biwa [lute], koto [zither], kakko [small drum], taiko [large drum], and shoko [bell] which together form the orchestra of the Japanese Imperial Court. The music is neither sweet nor soothing: Its strident melodies (cf. oboe) and microtonal inflections have a hard-edged elegance and suggest an ancient ritual frozen in time.)

2. The Music of Lorestân, Iran (rec. 1993)
Shahmirza Morâdi - sornâ [double-reed], Rezâ Morâdi - dohol [double-headed drum]
Nimbus Records, NI 5397
(Lorestân is a province of south-west Iran, which until the late 20th century was populated largely by nomadic peoples. "In societies with an oral tradition, like that of Lorestân, historical and even geographical tales are passed on through poetry, storytelling and also through songs and sung poems. The history of Lorestân is especially recounted and concentrated in the music of its people." The subjects are, not surprisingly, love and war. This week it's love's turn.)

Set #2 - 9:30am - 11:00am

3. Tale Ognenovski: Concert for Clarinet No.1
Tale Ognenovski - clarinet, reed pipe, small bagpipe & zourla [double-reed]; Stevan Ognenovski - drum
("The most beautiful and the most difficult Clarinet Concerto of all time." All parents believe their children are the prettiest.)

4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major K.622 (1791)
Arranged by Tale Ognenovski
Tale Ognenovski - clarinets, Stevan Ognenovski - drum
(What would Mozart do? Why, transcribe his masterpiece for two clarinets and drum, that's what.)

Tracks 3-4 (rec. 2005)
Tale Ognenovski: Mozart & Ognenovski Clarinet Concertos
Independent Records, IR37223

Where to buy CDs featured on today's show:
Kyoto Imperial Court Music Orchestra - CD Universe
Shahmirza Morâdi - CD Universe
Tale Ognenovski - CDBaby

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