05 January 2011

The first show of 2011. I have performed several experiments.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am

Dastgâh-e Râstpanjgâh
(One of the rarer Persian modes: a major scale on F which suggests "thinking, concentration and enlightenment," says the Foundation for Iranian Studies.)

Dastgâh-e Mahur
(Mahur, at right, has the same interval structure as a major scale on C, but allows some chromatic pitches as the improvisation unfolds. The 3rd scale degree in the upper register is flat. Persian and Western Classical musics agree: Mahur/major scale "express[es] brighter emotions.")

Tracks 1-2 (rec. 2006)
Fakhri Malekpour - Persian-tuned piano
Fakhri Malekpour: Mashqe Ostad
Avaye Honar & Andisheh Institute of Culture and Art, n.n.
(Fakhri Malekpour is an Iranian woman pianist whose technique enables her "to play the piano which is a completely European instrument in a unique style that leaves an impression of a traditional Iranian instrument in the audience's mind.")

†3. Raga Desh
(Raga Desh, which sounds like a gapped major scale, also allows a flat 3rd degree in the upper register. I'm too much of an amateur to suggest that the ancestral Desh and Mahur rubbed up against each other in a kind of cultural exchange on the Silk Road.)

Set #2 - 9:00am - 10:00am

4. Dastgâh-e Mahur (rec. 1966?)
Ahmad Ebadi - setar
Classical Music of Iran: The Dastgah Systems
Smithsonian Folkways, CD SF 40039

5. Dastgâh-e Mahur (rec. 1973)
Faramarz Payver & Ensemble: Faramarz Payver - santur, Houshang Zarif - tar, Rahmatollah Badi'i - kemanche, Mohammed Esmai'li - tombak, Khatereh Parveneh - voice
Iran: Persian Classical Music
Elektra Nonesuch Explorer Series, 9 72060-2

6. Raga Desh (rec. 1996)
Snehasish Mozumder - mandolin, Subhem Chatterjee - tabla
Mandolin Dreams: Indian Mandolin & Tabla
Latitudes, LT 50605

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

†7. Raga Hemavati
(An "odd" melancholy raga, originally from the South, adopted by North Indian musicians. Scale: C D Eb F# G A Bb doesn't fit neatly into any theoretical models.)

†Tracks 3 & 7 (rec. 1990)
Amjad Ali Khan - sarod, Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari - tabla, Asawari Pawar - tanpura
Touch of Class
Audiorec Records, ACCD 1009

8. Dastgâh-e Humayoun (rec. 1994)
Hossein Alizâdeh - setar, Madjid Khaladj - tombak
Musique iranienne, improvisations
Buda Records, 92622-2
(Some Persian influence may be afoot. Humayoun shares a melodic contour with Hemavati. More research needs to be carried out to determine if this is causation or correlation.)

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