17 November 2010

I learned myself Farsi in order to present this episode. The Persian-tuned piano sounds a lot like the santur [hammered dulcimer], and vice versa. Bear with me as I describe the dastgâhs [modal system of Persian classical music] from a dilettante's point of view.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am

†1. Dastgâh-e Homayoun
("Humâyân, meaning "lucky" or "fortunate", has a touching character and contains the most sentimental gûsheh-s [melodies] of the radîf [repertoire].")

*2. Dastgâh-e Homayoun
(Listen attentively.)

†3. Dastgâh-e Segah
("... Segâh bring[s] about a state of calm and concentration...." = equanimity.)

Set #2 - 9:00am - 10:00am

†4. Dastgâh-e Chahargah
("Chahargah['s] bold, martial accents are supposed to excite the passions...")

*5. Dastgâh-e Chahargah
(You tell me the mood of this mode at kds(at)umfm(dot)com, and you'll win a Komodo Dragon Show T-shirt.)

*Tracks 2 & 5 (rec. 1992)
Hossein 'Omoumi - ney, Madjid Khaladj - tombak
The Song of the Ney
Nimbus Records, NI 7060/1

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

6. Avâz-e Abuata (rec. 2008)
Kiu Haghighi - santur & dombak
Kiu Haghighi, Santour Virtuoso: Musical Mosaic
KH Productions, 00261 24105
("Abu Ata is purple or bright coffee in color and seems to be best played from noon until four in the afternoon. Its element is earth and its mystic connotation ranges from shariat (the law) to tariqat (the path)." This, and other useful information from the Foundation for Iranian Studies.)

7. Dastgâh-e Nava
("... somber, dignified and serious... the reflective mode favored by the Sufis...")

8. Dastgâh-e Rastpanjgah
("... set[s] a mood conducive to thinking, concentration and enlightenment.")

†Tracks 1, 3, 4, 7 & 8 (rec. 2006)
Fakhri Malekpour - Persian-tuned piano
Fakhri Malekpour: Mashqe Ostad
Avaye Honar & Andisheh Institute of Culture and Art, n.n.
(Pianist Fakhri Malekpour resists her fingers picking out V-I root movement unlike some of her younger colleagues. It's a tonal temptation when you've got a keyboard in front of you. We will hear from her again next week.)

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