27 October 2010

From now till December it's Persian Percussion Fortnight on the Komodo Dragon Show. This week: Madjid Khaladj unpacks his trunk, from âyineh' to zang. Persian classical music is the daughter of classical poetry. "The poem chosen for a musical composition is the essential spring from which the music's tones and rhythms flow." And percussion masters conjure melodies on what are essentially instruments of indefinite pitch.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am

1. Anthologie des rythmes iraniens Vol.2 (rec. 1999)
Madjid Khaladj - daf [frame drum] , dayreh [small frame drum] & zang-é saringôshti - [finger cymbals]
Buda Records, 92741-2

Set #2 - 9:00am - 10:00am

2. Nafas: Infinite Breath (rec. 2005)
Madjid Khaladj - tombak [goblet drum out of wood], daf, dayreh, zang-é saringôshti, dohôl [double-headed drum], tombak-é zukhâneh [goblet drum out of clay], senj [large brass cymbals], zang [bell], zanguleh [small bell], âyineh' pil [large metal drum] & voice
Bâ Music Records, BACD3

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

3. Percussions d'Iran (rec. 2000)
Madjid Khaladj - tombak, daf, dayreh, zang-é saringôshti & voice
Buda Records, 1978152

(And now for something completely different... Galileo's father.)
4. Vincenzo Galilei: Calliope (1584)

5. Vincenzo Galilei: Ricercare del primo tuono per b quadro (1583)

6. Vincenzo Galilei: Ricercare a quattro voci di B. M. (1583)

7. Vincenzo Galilei: Ricercare del secondo tuono per b quadro (1583)

Tracks 4-7
Andrea Damiani - lute
Vincenzo Galilei: Fronimo: Dialogo sopra l'Arte del bene intavolare et rettamente sonare la Musica
Stradivarius, STR 33482

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