29 September 2010

Your eccentric ethnomusicologist presents three whole albums (you can do that on college radio). Today's show's trajectory: Persian classical improvisation ⇨ just across the frontiers of ethnic Muzak.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am
Kazem Davoudian - santur [hammered dulcimer]; Kaveh Mazhari - daf [frame drum], dohol [double-headed drum] & tombak [goblet drum]
Kazem Davoudian, n.n.

Set #2 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Zarbang: Behnam Samani - daf, tombak, dammam [large drum], udu [clay water jug] & daayereh [frame drum with jingles]; Hakim Ludin - water drums, congas, natural effects(?), pendarik [South American frame drum?], cajón [box drum] & kanjira [South Indian frame drum]; Pejman Hadadi - tombak, daf & tunable frame drums; Javid Afsari Rad - santur & naghaareh [kettledrums]; Reza Samani - tombak, daf, sorna [double-reed] & ney-anban [bagpipe]
Arc Music, EUCD 1969
(Primarily a posse of Persian percussion players plus a few "exotics" from India and the New World.)

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

Gulistan: Rose Garden (1998-2000)
Ross Daly - lyra crétoise [Cretan lyre, i.e. bowed string instrument], laouto [Greek lute], saz [long-necked lute], robab [short-necked lute]; Socrates Sinopoulos - kamancheh [spike fiddle], laouto; Tigran Sarkissian - duduk [double-reed]; Henri Agnel - cetera [cittern], oud, rebec [bowed string instrument]; Keyvan Chemirani - tombak, daf & udu; Djamchid Chemirani - tombak; Bijan Chemirani - artistic director, tombak, daf, riq [Arabian small tambourine], tambourine, darbouka [goblet drum], udu, cajón & kamancheh; Manu Théron - voice
Bijan Chemirani: Gulistan: Jardin des roses/Rose Garden
L'empreinte digitale, ED 13127
(The ensemble has expanded to take in musical instruments from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and medieval Europe – that swath of musical borrowing and hegemony.)

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