15 September 2010

Tune in to Persian Classical mellowness for modified Western violin and tombak. It's the ayatollahs' worst nightmare.

*1. Ashk (Tear) in Humâyûn
("Humâyân, meaning "lucky" or "fortunate", has a touching character and contains the most sentimental gûsheh-s [melodies] of the radîf [repertoire]." The strings of the violin are tuned E-A-D-F½#.)

*2. Tulû (Sunrise) in Shûshtarî
(Shûshtâri is a subset of the Humâyûn mode, above, and "contains a large quantity of melodic materials...." Was it an artistic decision? That can't be a natural echo. There's a tad much reverb for my liking on these otherwise outstanding recordings. A nice touch is Yahaghi's occasional left-hand pizzicato.)

3. Shûr
("Shûr has a noble, mystic, and serious character and it is near to the spirit of the Persian people.")

4. Segâh
("... Segâh bring[s] about a state of calm and concentration...." according to Harmonia mundi, HMA 190391.)

Tracks 3-4 (rec. 1994)
Parviz Yahaghi - modified violin, Mohammad Esmaili - tombak [goblet drum]
Iranian Classical Music: Yâd [Commemoration]
Moonlight International, MICD 102

*5. (For those of you who were asleep during the first hour, here it is again.)
Tulû (Sunrise) in Shûshtarî

*6. Ashk (Tear) in Humâyûn

*Tracks 1, 2, 5 & 6
Parviz Yahaghi - modified violin, Mohammad Esmaili - tombak
Iranian Classical Music: Ashk & Tulû
Moonlight International, MICD 101

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