06 January 2010

It's time for another long raga by Ravi Shankar.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am

1. Ravi Shankar: Raga-Mala (Sitar Concerto No.2) (1979-80)
Ravi Shankar - sitar, Zubin Mehta - conductor, London Philharmonic Orchestra
EMI, CDM 7243 5 67102 2 1
(Raga-mala ("a garland of ragas") begins appropriately with Lalit, the sunrise raga. Sunrise today at 8:26am BTW. Ends with the rainy season raga Mian ki Malhar. Dig the wind, thunder and rain.)

Set #2 - 9:00am - 11:00am

2. Ravi Shankar: Inside the Kremlin (rec. Moscow 1988)
Ravi Shankar's Indian Ensemble, Ashit Desai - conductor; Russian Folk Ensemble "Boyan", A. Polietaev - conductor; Chamber Orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonie, Valentin Jhuk - conductor; Government Chorus of Ministry of Culture of USSR, V. Poliansky - conductor
Ravi Shankar: Inside the Kremlin
Private Music, 2044-2-P
(Indian and Russian musicians, the "meeting of musical people from vastly different cultures." Mixed results, but overall worthwhile.)

3. Raga Hameer (rec. 1979)
Ravi Shankar - sitar, Alla Rakha - tabla, Mrs. Jiban & Mrs. Widya - tanpuras
The Spirit of India: Ravi Shankar Plays Ragas
Deutsche Grammophon, 447 532-2
(Mood: sportive, heroic, associated with thunderstorms and battles. Playtime: Early night. So says Raga Guide.)

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