04 February 2009

Whenever I go on vacation, I pack The Selected Poems of Federico García Lorca. They have a concentrated intensity that's well-suited to passing time on trains, in waiting halls and in custody. Lorca's lament for the bullfighter Ignacio Sánchez Mejías contains a line that stays in my memory: "Huesos y flautas suenan en su oído [Bones and flutes resound in his ears]."

It's plausible that bones, minus the marrow, in ancient times, were fashioned into wind instruments. And then again, I think of xylophones and other mallet instruments, courtesy of the fossils in Carnival of the Animals.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am

1. J. S. Bach: Sonata in B minor BWV 1030 (1717)

2. J. S. Bach: Sonata in E-flat major (transp. to G major) BWV 1031 (1730)
(Last movement Allegro may be recognized by Canadian listeners as the As It Happens theme.)

3. J. S. Bach: Sonata in A major (transp. to G major) BWV 1032 (1717)

4. J. S. Bach: Sonata in C major BWV 1033 (1718)

5. J. S. Bach: Sonata in E minor (transp. to G minor) BWV 1034 (1717)

6. J. S. Bach: Sonata in E major (transp. to F major) BWV 1035 (1741)

Tracks 1-6
Michala Petri - recorder, Keith Jarrett - harpsichord
RCA, 60441-2-RC
(Musicological scuttlebutt has it that some of these sonatas were composed by Son of Bach C. P. E.)

Set #2 - 9:00am - 10:00am

7. Beth Anderson: New Mexico Swale (1995)
Andrew Bolotowsky - flute & piccolo, Dirk Van den Hauwe - violin, Marc Sonnaert - viola, Ilia Laporev - cello, David Rozenblatt - percussion, Gary M. Schneider - conductor
Beth Anderson: Swales & Angels
New World Records, 80610-2

8. Ruth Lomon: Sweet Sixteen (2003)
Nina Assimakopoulos - flute

9. Vera Weislitzova: Sweet Sixteen
Nina Assimakopoulos - narrator

Tracks 8-9
Nina Assimakopoulos: Points of Entry: Contemporary Works for Solo Flute by American Women Composers Vol.1
Capstone Records, CPS-8759

10. Somei Satoh: Kougetsu (Moon) (1990)
Somei Satoh: Sun Moon
Akikazu Nakamura - shakuhachi, Shin Miyashita - koto
New Albion Records, NA069CD

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

11. Olga Harris: Sonata for Clarinet & Piano
Sergui Gontcharov - clarinet, Irina Krivtchenko - piano
Olga Harris: Music for Clarinet & Piano
Olga Harris, OH0100

12. Ney Rosauro: Concerto for Marimba (1986)
Glenn D. Price - conductor, Rod Thomas Squance - marimba, University of Calgary Wind Ensemble
Ney Rosauro: Concertos for Solo Percussion & Wind Ensemble
Pró Percussão, CD 05

13. Coralia López & Israel López "Cachao": Isora Club (danzón) (rec. Los Angeles Oct. 1993)
Cachao & Orchestra
Cachao: Master Sessions Vol.1
Crescent Moon/Epic, CK 64320

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