17 December 2008

The Joyous Holiday Edition of the Komodo Dragon Show.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 9:00am

1. Orlando di Lasso: Lagrime di San Pietro (1594)
Bo Holten - director, Ars Nova
Naxos, 8.553311
("An emblem of the religious severity of the Counter-Reformation.")

Set #2 - 9:00am - 10:00am

2. Carlos Seixas: Piano Sonata in c minor bis (c. 1720-40)
Louis Dourand - piano
Cravistas Portuguezes: Portugal Baroque Keyboard Music
Music Studio, cra34
(Vast majority of Seixas' musical compositions were lost in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.)

3. Traditional: Martyrs/O Lusty May (16th-17th century)
David Greenberg - baroque violin, David McGuinness - melodica & digital piano, Katherine McGillivray - viola, Alison McGillivray - cello
Spring Any Day Now: Music of 18th Century Scotland & Elsewhere
Marquis, 7 7871 81325 2 9
(Former is a psalm tune favoured by 17th century Scottish martyrs.)

4. Franz Schubert: Die Stadt (1828)

5. Franz Schubert: Der Doppelgänger (1828)

6. Franz Schubert: Aufenthalt (1828)

Tracks 4-6
Transcribed by Franz Liszt (1838-39)
Vladimir Viardo - piano
Pro Piano Records, PPR224513
(Three songs from Schwanengesang, Schubert's last published collection.)

7. "The Last Of 1941" from One Man's Family (broadcast NBC Red Network 28 Dec. 1941)
Written by Carlton E. Morse
Ken Carpenter - Announcer
Barton Yarborough - Clifford
(Holiday programming from the long-running radio series. 1941 was short on sweetness and light.)

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

8. Miscellany (rec. 1987)
Musical Box Dances Played on Victorian Music Boxes
Saydisc, CD359
(Blurred notes, detunings in these recordings of barrel organs, disc pianos and music boxes. Yep, that was The Sailor's Hornpipe.)

9. The Amos 'n' Andy Show (broadcast NBC 31 Dec. 1943)
Harlow Wilcox - Announcer
Freeman Gosden - Amos, Kingfish & Lightning
Charles Correll - Andy
Edward G. Robinson - 1943
(Andy dreams about his meeting with the year 1943.)

10. John Oswald: The Extinction Gong (2007)
MusicWorks, 98
("The Extinction Gong occurs approximately every nineteen minutes, signalling the disappearance from the planet Earth of another living species." Component of permanent soundscape inside new wing of Royal Ontario Museum. Gong will adapt as conditions change.)

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