19 November 2008

The shades of Joseph Conrad and Orson Welles stalk the passageways. Like a good sea yarn and its natural issue, film noir, the dip is merciless and unforgiving.

Set #1 - 8:00am - 8:45am

1. Traditional: Tsjerne

2. Traditional: Boerskots

3. Traditional: Sliepmûts

4. Traditional: Horlepyp

5. Traditional: Dútse polka

6. Traditional: Iiswals

Tracks 1-6 (rec. 1989)
Ljouwerter Skotsploech
Fyftich Jier
PAN Records, PAN 188
(Frisian dance music, complete with creaking floorboards.)

7. "A Passenger to Bali" from The Mercury Summer Theater on the Air (broadcast CBS 5 July 1946)
Novel by Ellis St. Joseph (1936)
Bernard Herrmann - composer, conductor
Jim Ameche - Announcer
Orson Welles - Host & Rev. Dr. Walkes
Everett Sloane - Captain English
Alfred Shirley - British Consul
Stefan Schnabel
Guy Spaull
(Story of a monster who moves in, leaves empty milk cartons in the fridge and never replaces the toilet paper.)

Set #2 - 8:45am - 10:00am

8. Bronislau Kaper: Lord Jim (1965)
Muir Mathieson - conductor
Mantle Hood - source music advisor
Lord Jim Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Film Score Monthly, Vol.8 No.11
(Western orchestra abuts Indonesian gamelan.)

9. Aaron Avshalomov: Piano Concerto in G on Chinese Themes & Rhythms (1935)
Margaret Moore - piano, Jacob Avshalomov - conductor, Portland Youth Philharmonic
Composers Recordings Inc., CD 667

Set #3 - 10:00am - 11:00am

10. Richard Wagner: Vorspiel, "Steuermann, laß die Wacht!" & "Johohohoe! Johohohoe! Hoe! Hoe!" from Act III of The Flying Dutchman (1843)
Karl Böhm - conductor, Harald Ek - Daland's Helmsman, Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele 1971
Der fliegende Holländer Disc 2
Deutsche Grammophon, 437 712-2
(More floorboards creaking and stage noise in this live recording. They oughta update the setting to the Air Canada departure lounge.)

11. Uuno Klami: Sea Pictures (1930-32)
Jorma Panula - conductor, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
Naxos, 8.553757
(Mashed with 12 and 13.)

12. Monologue about man overboard from The Jean Shepherd Show (broadcast WOR, NYC 30 July 1960)
Jean Shepherd - narrator
("The water was warm and soupy but oh so deadly...")

13. Picnic scene from The Lady from Shanghai (1947)
Orson Welles - Michael O'Hara
("We'd put in at Fortaleza, and a few of us had lines out for a bit of idle fishing. It was me had the first strike. A shark it was. Then there was another, and another shark again, till all about the sea was made of sharks, and more sharks still, and no water at all...")

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